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Understanding Museums - Australian Museums and Museology: Edited by Des Griffin and Leon Paroissien

Watercolour image of with a barrel on the left and Chinese miners in the centre, depicting violence against the miners.

Issues in museology

Museums were established across many parts of the Australian continent during the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century. However it was in the latter part of the twentieth century that the greatest burgeoning of museums occurred. These decades also witnessed the consolidation of a sophisticated museum profession, the creation of a single national professional association – Museums Australia – and an active participation of Australian museum professionals in the international museum context.

The essays in this section jointly seek to present a scholarly study of museums and museum practice, including the very recent challenges of new technologies.

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Cite as: Des Griffin and Leon Paroissien (eds), 2011, Understanding Museums: Australian Museums and Museology, National Museum of Australia, published online at ISBN 978-1-876944-92-6