2 responses to “Schwarten Inquiry into Westbrook”

  1. I am so sorry, Norman, if the photo triggers such a strong, physical reaction.

    It’s hard – I don’t want to re-traumatise survivors but I also want others to know about this chapter of Australia’s history.

    Please accept my sincere congratulations and respect for your triumphant life.

    Of course, for those survivors who understandably struggle, my respect for you is no less.

    Thanks Norman for letting us know that not only are you alive and well but also of your rich contributions in Central Australia. Wow!

  2. Being an ex inmate of Westbrook, and giving evidence at the Forde inquiry. The struggle for justice has been slow and bittersweet. All I can say is “I was there” and the memories have never faded. I am a writer and work with indigenous people in Central Australia, I have five beautiful children and a wife who also works as a school teacher in remote communities.
    A part of me remains in Westbrook; I wish I could bring that young Norman home. The photograph on your page make my stomach clench and I want to get up and run away.

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