3 responses to “Silky Oaks”

  1. Steve by your comments you have read part of Mike book written in line with “Once a Brethren Boy” I known Mike Please contact my experience at SO is one I find hard to tell but will very soon

  2. Yes a cult it was and a hell of a life.

    Will be good to see the book out their and our Historical journey as survivors and our life stories told.

  3. The instutition was controlled by the religious sect/cult known as the Christian/Plymouth/Open Brethern now community churches prefer to protect there bricks and mortar than listern and accept children were raped sexually abused sent children who made allegations to solicitors rather than beleive there allegations a book is being written the history of Silky Oaks without fear or favor and the brethren

... a project to document and commemorate stories of Australians who as children experienced institutional care