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  1. Hi; John Read,

    RE; your letter dated 25/9/11 at 4:24pm, I AGREE WHAT YOU SAID.

    State Ward Children as young as 12 yrs of age placed into adult mental asylums as a form of punishment not mental problems, reasons as followers

    1. Adolescent rebellion to nuns/carers tyrannical authority
    2. Absconders from orphanages
    3. Bed wetters
    4. Stealing
    5. Too short for ones age
    6. Doctors/ Psychiatrists needed “Guinea Pigs ” for their experiments [In my opion ]

    Evil despicable crimes against humanity was when the S.C. Department gave the authority for them to have :-
    Multipal electric shock treatment, no cups of tea ever given after shock treatment my sister stated.
    Placed in straight jackets.
    Tied to a bed with no mattress for days with no food and little water.
    Drugged worse than zombies and whilst drugged a wittness saw sexual things done to some.
    Murder; view Rhonda Trivettes testimonies .
    Deaths from seizures from Electric Shock Treatment. I would like to know how skilled Psychiatrists were when giving F.As shock treatment and how many deaths occured from failed shock treatment, or seizures from having shock treatment.
    According to a F.A, J.E she stated that she saw 2 were hospitalized after shock treatment for days. My sister was one of them, something must of gone wrong with the procedures .

    I would love the evidence provided of shock treatments. How ever, if they destroyed the evidence or cant produce the evidence, why was this done and the evidence not provided?. It certainly was not F.As.

    My opion only: I dont believe the apology in Brisbane Parliament on the 24/3/10 for F.As that were wrongfully placed into adult mental asylums was genunie. I am very gratefull the apology was given. If those F.As was compensated then I would think otherwise, compensating is proof they are turely sorry, does any one agree?.
    Other wise its just a word, anyone can say a word. Saying the word sorry without action is just a cop out.

  2. i Have just read this page, and it filled me with dismay and sadness, but i remembered what our Lord said, harm the least of my brethren, and it would be better if a Millstone was placed around your’e neck and you be cast into the Sea, how true this is, according to my Christian beliefs, rest assured, these Evil Anti Christs, will certainly pay for their despicable crimes against Humanity, the Lord has promised this, this promise brings me great comfort, and peace,

    Your’s Sincerely,
    J. Read……

  3. I am a former child migrant, sent from England – I was 8 years old – to Australia in 1953 and spent 8 years in an orphanage – Clontarf Boys Town – in Western Australia.
    I suffered for many years from anxiety annihilation as a result of abuse, deprivation etc. Through the Grace of God & years of counselling I was delivered from my psychological hell. I was saved, I am saved and I am being saved. Yes, but only GOD knows who they are.

  4. Hello Clem,

    Lovely to hear from you from over in New Zealand.
    Writing about the past presents a variety of problems and not just academic
    ones at that. To emotionally visit past traumatic events that occurred in
    childhood is always fraught with difficulties. It is almost akin to
    travelling through an alien landscape, it is an emotionally draining and at
    times painful experience. It can however be a cleansing experience and also
    a healing one at that. I hope your journalist friend can assist you to
    accurately record your story and to assist you with describing the emotional
    aspects of your early life in care.
    Take care Clem. And again thanks for sharing your story with me. Godfrey

  5. Hi Godfrey,
    I have just read your well written article, I wish I could express myself as well. I am currently writing a book ‘The Salvation Army’s Shame’, about my 4 years at The Gill Memorial Home in Goulburn NSW. I am fortunate to have a journalist friend who will bash my stories into shape! What happened to you is very similar to the experiences of children who were brought up in Church run instituations. I hope you had a better life whe you left the home and congradulations for telling your story, Regards Clem Apted Te Aroha NZ. PS I am coming to Australia in July to attend a reunion in Goulburn organised by James Luthy the President of Clan, Jim has done a fantastic job representing former inmates of homes.

  6. Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and an aspect of your story, thank you
    too for your comments, they are most welcome. I take heart from your
    counsel. I too, experience that welling up of feeling whenever I am in a
    tight spot and with it comes anxiety and feeling of panic at times. I know
    it has its genesis in the events surrounding my childhood. It was one of
    the reasons that I retired from parish work early and worked privately for
    a number of years as a therapist.

    I have now been attempting to document my story for a number of years with
    difficulty. At times my writing turned out more like an academic
    exercise,with lots of detail but not much soul, perhaps it was my way of
    coping with the unpalatable events from the past. At first I was merely
    collating past events and making lists, later came other writing. The
    problem with writing ones’ biography is that, it is too revelatory, and I
    expect that those of us who went through abusive and traumatic times have
    spent much time keeping things under wrap out of fear. I agree with you
    writing lets the light in and dispels the darkness. I intend to read your
    writing “In the Shadow of Eden” and will keep be in touch. With Best Wishes,
    Regards, Godfrey Gilmour

  7. Dear Godfrey
    , as a victem of “so-called care” myself I know what you mean abour the difficulty of documenting these painful times. Not surprisingly though, those memories rise up on me whenever I am in a tight spot in my life. When my husband was dying of lung cancer–that’s all I could work on. I suppose we are like veterans who talk about the wars as if it were now, because in a certain way we carry it with us now. The past is always with us. So the way I figure it, the more light thrown on this darkness the better it will be. By sharing our stories we validify the experiences of those who have not yet found their voice.
    So keep writing!
    You can see an aspect of my story on the link for In the Shadow of Eden, on this site.
    Best wishes,

  8. Dear Rachell,
    I am so pleased that you responded to my entry. I have been struggling to write my memoir. I am in the process of writing my memoir.Writing a memoir that touches on traumatic events brings back painful memories and I made constantly aware of this as it touches a raw nerve. I added this short excerpt from my writing as I wanted the public at large to know the cruel events that took place and the plight of child migrants.
    You are right in saying that my mother was wonderful, indeed she was for me my saving grace, if it had not been for her I may not have survived those awful years years in institutions. Thank you for contacting me. regards Godfrey

  9. Godfrey, what a story, you write so beautifully I couldn’t stop reading. . I wish you would write a whole memoir We need to prevent children being used like this. How wonderful that you had the mother that you did as contrast. Best wishes, Rachaell.

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