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  1. Hi: Adele,

    Thankyou for placing the website. banished babies -cananda for others to view if they were intrested.

  2. Thanks Christine,
    I have noted and read the posts on the site.

    If others are interested the website address is:

  3. Hi; Lawrie Higgens,

    Responding to your letter dated 10/5/11. Institutions in NSW have done experiements to children.

    Lawrie, thankyou for providing the above information, we the Forgotten Australians should be informed by providers what was done to us. Many many questions I would like to be answered, but there is always silence. CEOs should be imformed what was done to us then pass the information onto us.

    I am very gratefull for all providers and certianly appericate their hard work they are doing THANKYOU. But I am disapointed they are oblivious of the torture some Forgotten Australians went through, particually children dumped into adult mental asylums for rebellion, bed wetters, runaways, to small for your age, etc.
    In the asylum they were raped like R.T, S.T and many others and put in straight jackets and treated for their rebellion to nuns/ carers abuse which was electric shock treatment under duress or some were threatened to have electric shock treatment or perhaps was given shock treatment whilst heavilly drugged.

    100 mgm of either Largactil, Melleril, Lithium was given and paralazide [ not sure how to spell it], which melted plastic. Goodness knows what that drug did to their orgins.

  4. Christine Waite there are institutions in NSW who have done experiments on children even the local community today speak about it and there are many workers who saw what happen still around. Our leaders have a problem and are digging a BIG hole for themselves and need to explain when the fat hits the pan as it is as plain as day all this is not a myth but much is recorded and witnessed .

  5. Hi; Adele,

    Can you please punch on the net. Universities buy Duplessis Orphan babies.
    Click ; Banished babies Canada, then click Alex Cooley Tele Gracia Corresponden and listen and watch the evidence of government, church and CIA corrucption on orphans.

    Also punch on the net Duplessis Orphans Quebec, on one of the pages a bald headed man interviews a man whos job was to take the Dupless Orphans from the Psychiatric operating rooms to the morge. Psychiatrists lobotomized 67 mentally healthy Quebec Orphans, they cut their brains out, then sent their bodies to the Universities to be dissected then burried them in piggary yards.

    Forgotten Australian children that were dumped by government into adult mental asylums where the mentally insane were housed for reasons as followers.
    One case, a girl being to small for her age and they thought she was retarted but she wasnt.

    They placed the rebellous in the asylum for “treatment”,which was electric shock treatment to cure rebellion. 70 to 400 volts and 200 to 1.600 milliamperes used in ECT., it could kill the patient if the current were not liminted to the head. The electricity is so powerful that it could burn the skin on the head where the electrodes are placed. Hence they used electrose jelly to prevent skin burns from the electricity, the electricity going through the brain causes SEIZURES. To prevent muscle paralyzing, a drug is administered immediately before treatment.
    FAs had electric shock treatment under duress and many FAs were threatened to be given electric shock treatment.
    Electric shock treatment does not cure rebellion. The truth about electric shock treatment is that it doesnt cure anything but stuffs the brains and memorys up. This is why they did it so they wouldnt remember the abuse they had been subjected to.

    Because they have seen first hand the damage it does and they know it doesnt cure people, also they are the most psychologically troubled people in the medical profession. I am not ‘attacking’ Psychiatrists, there are some humane ones with their butcher inhuman brothers that loved using FAs as gunnie pigs for experiements, adminstering 70 to 400 volts of electricity into their brains multipal times for REBELLION to nuns/ carers abuse.
    One troubled Psychiatrist was Psychiatrist Collin Bouwer who was head of psychological medicine at the Unversity of Otago, New Zealand, was sentanced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife.

    I would like to see providers educated and achknowledge, Forgotten Australians that were dumped into adult mental asylums for rebellion as a form of punishment where they were tortured endured horrific abuse and are truely survivers from a bruital barbaric system. Why are they not mentioned in detail to MPs?

  6. Rhonda, I left Australia when I was seventeen. I live in the US these days but I agree we should be united. There is always skype.–best R

  7. hi there i would like to meet you or just chay with you
    we should all stick together
    hope to hear from you soon

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