3 responses to “Underneath there’s a lot of scarring”

  1. Hi Terry and Ron, I would also like to get intouch with you both as my brother Laurie and myself were in the “Hell Hole” the same time as you were.

  2. Terry Hi mate, it doesn’t matter where you were,,all of us feel the same lost excistance, Ive been thru four marriages, l dont think any of us can say were doing ok, l can’t and couldn’t hold down a job or promotion because we didn’t/dont believe in our own worth. love just passed me by, l cant believe anybody could love this crushed soul, but terry im trying, l hope you can too, We have to be worthy human beings mate, theres too much uglyness from our past for us blame ourselves STILL. I’m moveing forward everyday only now since the Apoligy, Bla Bla,!!, thats the only way l can cope with the memories that come hard and fast, Stay there with us terry, were in this together, xx

  3. Ron , I was at the Box Hill Boys Home from 1949 -1955 and it was the ultimate torture chamber both physically and mentally, the unwarranted abuse handed out by these mongrels has left an indelible stain on my life, my marriage collapsed due to reasons that you described, I find I cannot erase the past from my memory and I am constantly in a position of torment with my self .
    I would appreciate if you you would email me as I would like to identify with your time at Box Hill
    Regards Terry

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