One response to “Steps up and steps out”

  1. Hi, my name is Diane as well, and i live in the Rockhampton region where the need for services you mentioned above are needed, just days where people can sit and have a chat
    We have started a small group, one dedicated ward of the state’s efforts to bring us to-gether.
    We need a place to call our own cost free, to go to, to talk or to just feel a part of a group of people,who endured similiar experiences.
    We hope the New Year 2011 finds us not still forgotten or shoved aside, there are many here that will not come out for various reasons, my dream is that we can have a place here that every-one can come and feel at ease, and not have a government regimental place, but still have assess to meet every individual need.
    Happy Christmas, and we hope a New Year where “THE PEOPLE COME FIRST”.

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