One response to “A neglected child”

  1. Hi Bob. I lived at Parkerville for a number of years as the son of a cottage Mother and Father. Bill and Dorothy Hughes, approx 1954 to 58, my father lost his life in an accident in the laundry in 1958 I was an apprentice at the Railway Workshops in Midland. I joined the Army later that year, looking back I think it was a form of escape but I enjoyed my time in the Army, I spent the remainder of my working life as a merchant seaman in British, Norwegian and Kiwi ships. I am retired in New Zealand and am married to a girl from the Philippines and have four kids (no wonder I am grey, nothing to do with being 71 in a few weeks) I lived in the Philippines for a while so that helped with the grey hair as well. I have recently made contact with Stan Gough after 50 plus years and hope to get to the West as I have a sister Paula who lives in Perth.

    Your poem interests me (the evil man with the cane), I remember him, he never touched me if he had I would have come back at a later date, bet his name was [[***name removed by website editor***]], the last man on the planet who should have been employed in a childrens home, My memory of him as an evil guy will remain with me forever.

    Well mate That is my lot, hope to hear from. Regards John Hughes

... a project to document and commemorate stories of Australians who as children experienced institutional care