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Trailer of the 'Saw Doctor's Wagon' or 'Road Urchin' once operated by 'Saw Doctor', Harold Wright

Object type

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Saw Doctor' s Wagon, created by Mr Harold Wright and used to travel around rural Victoria, to small towns and properties in the Wangaratta/Albury-Wodonga region, where he would sharpen saws and other tools and fix other items as requested.

Collection name
Peter and Wyn Herry collection

Collection statement of significance
The Peter and Wyn Herry collection comprises a David Brown tractor and a wagon fitted out as a combined home and workshop. In1935 Harold Wright a young English migrant converted a horse-drawn wagon into a travelling workshop and home that he christened 'The 'Road Urchin'. For the next 34 years he travelled the length and breadth of eastern Australia earning a living as a travelling tinker. In the beginning a single horse pulled his wagon but he soon fitted it onto the chassis of 1928 Chevrolet truck. Later it was towed by a David Brown tractor.

The Wright family, like thousands of others in the 1930s took to the road to survive through the 1930s depression. Unlike most, however, they never did settle down and continued to travel until Mr Wright's death in 1969.

Mr Harold J. Wright

Metal - non specific

Length: 9200mm
Width: 2700mm
Height: 2900mm

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