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Morris Model FE Pye outside broadcast van used by ABC-TV Channel 2 ABN

Object type

Object number

Morris Model FE Pye outside broadcast van used by Australian Broadcasting Corporation Television (ABC-TV). The van is predominantly metallic blue, with a white flash along both sides, and a white roof. "ABC TV" is painted in red across the front, above the sunvisor over the four-panel windscreen, and "ABC TELEVISION / Channel 2 ABN" is painted on both of the sides. It is fitted-out as a complete mobile broadcasting studio for black and white television. Engine No 11364698 M, Model 5 KCFE / 3E. Chassis No 10225. Commonwwealth vehicle registration number C 81765.

Collection name
Australian Broadcasting Corporation collection no. 1

Collection statement of significance
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) collection no. 1 consists of 1170 objects relating to the history of television and radio broadcasting in Australia since ABC radio first went to air on 1 July 1932. The collection contains technical equipment and archival material including studio control panels and console desks, cameras, radios, musical instruments, gramophones, headphones, microphones, audio records, manuals, ephemera relating to the 'Argonauts' club and other documentation. The ABC's first Outside Broadcast van is the largest object in the collection and one of the most significant, having been used to televise the first ABC broadcast on 5 November 1956.

The material came to the National Museum from the ABC's studios in Sydney. It has national relevance as it was used to broadcast news and entertainment across the country. Thousands of outside broadcasts were made from news, community and sports events using this equipment. The van was restored in time to be displayed at the Sydney Olympics and film the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the site of the National Museum in 2000.

British Motor Corporation - Morris

Papworth Industries

Pye Ltd
Broadcast television equipment

Place made

Date made
1955 - 1956


Associated organisation
Australian Olympic Commitee

Mr Eddy Berlage
One of the three original cameramen/technicians employed by the ABC at Gore Hill

Place of use
Gore Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The van was based at the ABCs Gore Hill Studio

Place of use
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The van covered the Olympic Games in 1956

Date of event
22/11/1956 - 08/12/1956
Covered the Olympic Games in Melbourne

Period of use
1956 - 1974

Metal - non specific, Glass, Plastic - non specific, Rubber

Length: 7300mm
Width: 3300mm
Height: 2900mm
Weight: 6tonne

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