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Browsing objects by collection name starting with the letter R

R Lavriston Sharp collectionRobert Atkins collection
R Lutvey collectionRobert Croll Boomerang Competition collection
R Peter Nixon collection no. 2Robert Darby collection no. 1
R Rowe collectionRobert Darby collection no. 2
R Tjambulu and E Maranini collectionRobert Faithfull collection no. 1
Rabaul Melanesian collectionRobert Gillen collection
Race to the Gold Diggings Board Game collectionRobert Karyuka collection
Rae Page collectionRobert O'Hara Burke collection
Raffaello Carboni collectionRobert Scates collection
Ralph O'Reilly Piddington collectionRobin Hart and Leo Duffy collection
Rank Hovis McDougall Ltd collectionRobin Maloney collection
Rankin Family collectionRobin Moorhouse collection
Rats of Tobruk Association New South Wales Branch collectionRobyn Golding collection
Ray and Dallas Maple Family collection no. 1Roderic O'Connor collection
Ray and Dallas Maple Family collection no. 2Rolfe and Mavis Bridle collection
Ray Harding collectionRon and Ella Christopher collection
RC Noakes collectionRon Bell collection
RE Jenkins collectionRon English collection
Reads Rare Bookshop collectionRon Kerr collection
Rebecca Fortescue collectionRon Muncaster collection no. 1
Redback Graphix collectionRon Westwood collection
Regina Wagner collectionRonald L Gale Masonic collection no. 1
Reginald Alder collection no. 1Ronald L Gale Masonic collection no. 2
Reginald Alder collection no. 2Rory Ewins collection
Reima Miezitis collectionRosa Cappelluti collection
Renate Watkinson collectionRose Hooke collection
Reverend A Dyer collectionRose Pellet Sampler collection
Reverend and Mrs Fenn collection no. 1Rosemary Huff-Johnston collection
Reverend and Mrs Fenn collection no. 2Rosie Cross collection
Reverend and Mrs WH Robinson collectionRosie Egyedi collection
Reverend Canon HR Cavalier collectionRosina and Gertie Humphries collection
Reverend FR Nitzschke collectionRowlands Bottle and Federal Fruit Preserving Jar collection
Reverend John Grosse collectionRoy Barker collection no. 1
Reverend JW Schomberg collectionRoy Barker collection no. 2
RG Bain collectionRoy Governor collection
RG Kimber collectionRoyal Australian Historical Society collection no. 1
RG Menzies collectionRoyal Australian Historical Society collection no. 2
Richard and Carolyn Forster collectionRoyal Australian Institute of Public Administration collection
Richard Maple-Brown collectionRoyal Australian Mint collection no. 1
Richmond Henty CollectionRoyal Australian Mint collection no. 2
Rita McMartin collection no. 1Royal Blind Society collection
RL Harry collectionRoyal Society Cook Medal collection
RM Dixon collectionRoyal Visit 1901 collection
Robbie Swan collectionRuby Lee collection
Robert and Irene Goard collectionRuth Oldfield collection