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H A Woods collectionHerb Gilbert collection
H Robinson collectionHerbert Beal collection
H Wood collectionHerbert Browne collection
HA Cairns collectionHerbert Keys collection
Hallmark Finance Limited collectionHetherington Family collection
Hampden Love collectionHilda Creager collection no. 1
Hanbury Clements Covered Tureen collectionHilda Creager collection no. 2
Hanna Lemberg collectionHills Industries Limited collection
Hans Kohl collectionHinchley Family collection
Hans Wetzel collectionHistoric Memorial Committee collection
Harold Blair collectionHistory of Netball - Carissa Tombs collection
Harold Stevens collectionHistory of Netball - Gwen Benzie collection
Harry and Natalie Newman collectionHistory of Netball - Joyce Brown collection
Harry Family collectionHistory of Netball - June Noseda collection
Harry Ziegler collectionHistory of Netball - Liz Ellis collection
Hasluck Family collectionHistory of Netball - Margaret Pewtress collection
Hazel Hooton and Elizabeth Gibson collectionHistory of Netball - Netball South Australia collection
Hazel Merlo collectionHM Cooper collection
Healesville Travel Poster collectionHobart Peace Centre collection
Heather Smith collectionHolden Designs collection
Helen Cocks collectionHon Lance Barnard collection
Helen Eager and Christopher Hodges collection no. 1Hooper & Co. collection
Helen Eager and Christopher Hodges collection no. 2Horne-Bowie collection
Helen Maxwell Gallery collectionHorse Era Museum collection no. 2
Helen Reeve collectionHP Moss collection
Helen Stockbridge collectionHS McCullagh collection
Helen Wood collection - Miss Australia 1957Hugh Videion collection
Henry Tipper collectionHumphrey B Bear collection
Herb and Joan Cowan collection