3 responses to “Connecting Kin”

  1. Regarding my previous message which is meant for Diane Mancuso, my mother is Yvonne Lesley Kennedy.
    Please contact simonhoulders@hotmail.co.uk

  2. I believe that you are looking for my mother, which would make you my aunt! Every thing in your post fits for her, I have a family tree on Facebook you might be able to see. I hope that you get this message and please contact me by email simonhoulders@hotmail.co.uk
    My dad was Rodney John Houlders, they got married before leaving for the UK.
    She has always regreted losing contact with family.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I am looking for my sister Yvonne Lesley Kennedy DOB 17/11/1952 last spoke in 1973 when I believe she was about to go to England with her boyfriend John do noy have his last name. I have tried other avenues without success We were seperated inb 1962 when we were both put into Bidurra I believe she spent time at The Good Shepherd in Sydney parents were Martin & Yvonne Kennedy my real name is Eileen Kennedy I would so like to know if she is indeed just alright I would appreciate if you could help or direct me to an org that could help

    Regards Diane Mancuso

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