3 responses to “Oranges and Sunshine”

  1. Whilst I commend the efforts that Margaret Humphreys and the directors took to bring this story to the masses, it is also disheartening to hear the pain from some of the “survivors” who only speak highly of their experience of the child migrant system and the opportunity to be given a second chance at life from the harsh realities of Britain.

    Britain of the day was preparing for World War 2, Mothers had huge social and financial issues with rearing
    children on their own, some children were orphans and were looking at a life of crime and unfortunately there is evil in every man when it comes to being in the position of power and so called care.

    I know of my grandfather being one of only a select few given the opportunity of a tertiary education and went on to be one of the head cheese people in the country with Dept. of Agriculture. Including, the ex-ABC Chief David Hill and
    others having better lives because of Fairbridge Farm at Molong NSW and the child migrant system.

    I’m one of its grandsons and I’m proud that it was available for my family!

  2. I’m living in Alice Springs now. Any chance of the film coming here?

  3. hi there could you get in contact with me please

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