One response to “Protest napkin”

  1. Well done Wilma! I was there with Clayton, we did a painting for Jenny Macklin, which was the thank you gift from CLAN. It was presented in to her in the Great Hall that morning. The text that went with the painting stated that Clayton had been in Sth Melb St Vincents Boys Home from the age of 2 and locked up in Ararat J Ward as a 12 year old, to be ‘assessed’ and imprisoned at 16 for the next 20 years for murder. He learnt to read and write in Pentridge, and is a very gifted potter and artist, as well as a very disturbed person from his abusive background. He is one of the few survivors of St Vincents Boys Home from the 1970s and 1980s, as most died on the streets after being thrown to the wolves at 14 or 15, as soon as they fought back against the beatings and rapes. Rapist priests from other countries were systematically sent to Australia, far away, and continued to terrorise children with impunity. Geoffy Roberston QC in his book “The Case of the Pope” quotes Catholic Canon Law at length, bishops can transfer sexual offenders to different parishes, or other places, investigations are done in secret and are known as the “secret of the Holy Office” under threat of excommunication to be kept secret from everyone except the Pope. So everyone involved in covering up crimes against children need to be prosecuted by the police, or civil writs taken out, or cases brought for Redress against institutions churches organisations, the Board Members of those Organisations at the time who were the employers, and the State Governments. There is no other option but to go to Court as the cover ups continue…….
    I will be at the protest on 16th November at 8.30am with Brian Cherrie and Amelia.

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