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  1. Re: Hello
    I am interested in learning more about people like Rhonda and others who were in the Goodna mental asylum in latter years.
    If you could assist?

    hi chris i was at wolston park 1980-1988.
    you can contact me through Adel at the museum

  2. Hi Kathy,
    It was great to hear from you after such a long time. I am having difficulty remembering you, but I hope you will understand as I am sure you will.
    How has life been treating you? I hope well.
    These days I am trying to do more early intervention work though I still do some work in the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.
    Take care
    With every best wish
    Father Wally

  3. Hi,
    Father Wally, I don’t know if u remember me my name is Kathy Kulics ( nee Sylvester ) i was in wilson in 1978 an 1979..i was sexually assaulted an pyshically abused drugged up all the time…i nearly went into a coma. i was in wilson with sue t. an debbie k.. i think u visited me when debbie k. an i were sharing a place in highgate hill.

  4. and what about judy who lived under constant threat and abuse whose little life was finally lost although i believe it was outside in a police cell. funny how this kid can’t come from the grave to tell of all the bashings she had mostly from one rotten drunkard male nurse who even threatened to bring a shotgun into OH and SHOOT her. when i objected he said he would shoot me too. her day to day life was hell. she was an innocent kid.
    and what about all the ect? even i was threatened with having ect and there was nothing wrong with me. i should never have been placed in that environment but as a seeker of truth, facts and justice, as being on the side of all oppressed and harmed persons, i am glad i was. i will speak out on behalf of them all.
    what about ‘johnny’ who during a bbq at pierce house was found hanged in the toilet? not even 5 mins after i was talkin to him.
    and the scummy nurse who killed the cat.
    so much more.
    none of us are going to go away.

  5. Hello
    I am interested in learning more about people like Rhonda and others who were in the Goodna mental asylum in latter years.
    If you could assist?

  6. Response to Liz Phillips letter dated 15/2/11.

    Thankyou very much Liz for explaining about Wilson Youth Hospital which is not Wolston Park and am sorry for the miss understanding. I thought Wilson Youth Hospital was part of the Mental Asylum in Wolsten Park.

    State Ward Children placed in youth hospitals orphanages institutions and mental asylums pre 80s experienced horror, psychologically psychicially and violently. People in those days were more than inorgant with the exception of some and you & your father must of been the caring ones and “thankyou” for that.
    In those days children were subjected to cruel and barbaric methods which isnt ignorance but delebrate torture having plently of people to experiement on for the purposes of science. The complete system was faulty and barbaric, especially for any child. Unfortunately these “supposedly smart Doctors and Psychiatrist” still will not say they are sorry , or admit guilt for all the stuff ups they made. One is left to question how deeply their consciences are burned so as not to feel remorse over what they have done. If this had been done to their children…..?

    For example the Duplissis Orphans Quebec where orphans were experiemented on and died, there was nothing wrong with the Duplissis Orphans they did not have a mental illness. The Catholic Church made over $70 million from,over a 20 year period in the 50s- 60s, “Reassessing” all these kids as “Mental” and so doubled the money for the “Care “[I use this word very very loosley here ] they received for them! The Quebec Government needed bodies for psychiatry science experiements and the best people for those experiements were the burdened to society which were the unwanted orphans and thats not ingorance but violence and murder, a carry through of Americas and Hitlers Egenics program

  7. to Christine Waite

    Thanks Christine – I’m sorry, but I was talking about Wilson Youth Hospital regarding my father, not Wolston Park.
    As for your comments about Wolston Park, I have no doubt that the experience of patients there was terrible – I have heard stories from old staff there when I first started, and from old patients as well, of the horrors they endured. I started there in 1977, and there were no children there other than a few teenagers. All these awful things were before my time.
    I have never been unaware of the suffering of patients, and I and other workers try in our own small way to help. Please understand Christine, I am in no way defending the mistreatment of any patient. What I am saying is an attempt to explain one reason why it was the way it was, and that reason is ignorance rather than viciousness. The history of the treatment of the mentally ill throughout the centuries is like a horror movie and is based on ignorance and stupidity of the treatment by doctors and nurses. I certainly was not oblivious to the bad things that went on around me in the early days of my work. One young person, who contributes to this website, Rhonda, was nursed by me and I can tell you, she suffered extremely. The problem was, there was nothing anyone could do about it except try to help on a personal level. The system was too big, powerful and entrenched, and it remains so, and, I suspect, always will be.
    Christine, please do not think that I am trivialising the suffering of all these people. I have spent my working life of 35 years trying to make a difference. I condemn any violence towards any patient or vulnerable person. I get annoyed when I and those like me are lumped into the category of abusers of patients just because we worked in a certain place. I know our perspective is different to yours, but we are both on the same side. Best wishes.

  8. This is addressed to Liz Phillips dated 9/2/11.

    Thankyou for informing the F. Australians of your fathers thoughts about the clients that were in Goodna Mental Asylum, Wolsten Park, how that he viewed them as delinquents & were in need of boundries & psychiatric care, your father may of been one of the nice pernonal & SHEILDED you from the rat bag elements that took place there, but there sure were many that wasnt. Please dont take offence Liz.
    Testimonies I have heard from clients that were in that asylum you worked in is rather sickening and I find it interesting how you must of been oblivious to the torture and sadastic & masochism action that took place to those innocent children & certainly evidence of no compassion understanding neither heart for what was done to those children who are still alive testerfing of the treatment they went through.
    There was an instance in that asylum a girl having an eliptic fit, [ possibly from side effects from electric shock treatment], nursers were called but refused to come till the following day when it was too late as the patient died, had the nursers came she would of survived and the other clients sleeping in the same room with that dead body was frightening.
    Children bullied by cruel nursers and those clients that defended the clients [children] that were kicked on by nursers were placed in straight jackets or placed with the mentally crinimal insane ward patients placing them in danger. Children sexually molested whilst in zombie state from the psychiatric drugs and equally bad was the sadomasochistic action of electric shock treatment that was done under duress to children as young as 13 yrs of age. The procdure before having shock treatment clients had to undress put a white gown on and be examined by the doctor which included him twirling his fingers into their vaginas, after this examanation were taken to another room where they put a round instrument with wires onto their head currents buzzing where they couldnt think then unconscious from the shock procedures waking up in their ward hours latter.
    To say children were delinquents not knowing their circumstance is CRUEL. In those days if you talked or didnt stand correctly or eat food that made you vomit, you were caned. Dragged by the hair then placed in the pitch black dungeon given bread & water & told you were the devil. Running away from the concentration camp orphanage/institution was classified as abnormal ,??? For this those children were categorised as what you stated DELINQUENTS and needed psychiatric attention.

    Liz., Please allow me to explain how people who learnt at university about Scientist Alfred Kinsey. Alfred Kinsey on sexual human behavour was a pedophile & trained pedophiles to molest children as young as 2 months old. Kinsey self mulated himself by tieing his testicles to something above him then jumped, not long after that he died from a heart attack. Determined detective Dr.Judith Reinsman stated Kinsey tieing his testicals then jumping would of caused the heart attack. I strongly recommendyou watch Dr. Reismans DVD about Kinsey how we were fooled by his philosphosy and lifestyle.
    Instead of Kinsey handing over to the authorites of the sexual abuse of children, he specifically used his pedophile data for the world to except as normal and enjoyable, thats sick for sure. But the “supposedly smart ” people in the Universities and other places of Government /Learning readily accepted this sadmasochistic pederasts teachings….?? One is left to question about how much of his teaching was accepted and practiced in the Goodna Mental Asylum, Wolston Park and other Hospitals?

    Also punch on the net Duplissis Orphans Quebec.
    Mentall healthy orphan children were lobotomized by psychiatrists, they cut their brains out sent their bodies to universities to be dissected then burried in piggary yards.
    This was all allowed by corrucpt government and church afficals. This practise no doubt happened in Australia of orphans , as thousands went missing and yet no one wants to know about it. I WONDER WHY?

  9. I would like to comment on state ward children placed into Goodna Mental Asylum Brisbane in the 60 erra. I wasnt but I know people who were and its sickening what was done to them.
    Many State Ward Children were placed into Goodna Asylum as a form of punishment for adolesecent rebellion and supposing bad behavour. Children that had boldness and guts stood up to nuns abuse, nuns dragging children by the hair caning them, when vomiting food that was difficult to eat nuns forcing the remainding food into them, then caned for performing. All the children summitted to nuns authority with fear and trembelling, children were not allowed to speak let alone expressing their thoughts.
    The strongest child who had the abality to stand up to nuns abuse, were deemed as naughty or rebellous which resulted them being assessed by a psychiatrist for not obeying, Psychistrists NOT understanding the truth of the abuse children were going through.
    Many children ran away from the abnormal institutions/ orphanages , as there was no love neither emotional care just orders and work. For running away from the abuse state ward children were placed into Goodna Mental asylum for adolesecent rebellion, the stronger they were the more they were deemed as rebellous or not conforming resulting 13 yr old children having 10 or more electric shock treatments under duress, 6 girls taken for shock treatment only 3 returned possibly they may of died from shock treatment. Heavelly drugged worse than zombies and whilst in the sort of unconscious state from the drugs, male staff performed sexual acts on them wittnesses stated. One drug that was given to the children melted plastic, therefore must do some damage to the human organs.
    For standing up to bully nursers children were tied to a bed for days that had no mattress with no food & little water. Placed in a ward with the crinimally insane which placed those children in danger.
    Nurse M. from Goodna Mental Asylum was the only kind nurse there, she stated many girls should not be in that asylum as they are normal kids nothing wrong with them.
    The victims that were in Goodna Asylum should be called by Parliament to give their testomony of what was done to them. Saying sorry for the sadism & masochism action done to them are empty WORDs without action. Evidence they mean those words “fine “them in the form of compensation which will prove their guilty of sadistic masochism and barbaric action.
    I cannot understand people defending the system when children were tortured, to defend the system then perhaps they may of been the ones who did the abuse.

  10. reading this article was interesting for me – it shows one perspective on the Wilson Youth Hospital. I remember this place well, as the daughter of the “BJ” in this article, and I am privy to what he thought about the clients of this institution.
    He believed that these children, “delinquents” as they were called in those days, were in need of boundaries and psychiatric care, very much in the medical model. That’s how things were in those days. This was the dominant paradigm. It was the same at Wolston Park, where I worked for many years. The medical model prevailed. I can honestly say that my father meant no harm to those patients – for example, the education issue. The idea at the time was patients in a hospital are there for treatment, and their disorders make them unresponsive to learning. This is what people thought. The Health department is very conservative and particularly in Queensland where change has been very slow. Anyone who challenges the dominant paradigm gets their butt kicked very promptly. It is very sad that some people were hurt by institutions but these things are always reported as if the people who worked in the institutions were evil and consciously setting out to hurt patients. I worked at Wolston Park for 20 years and saw a small amount of nastiness, a moderate amount of indifference, and a great deal of kindness and caring. Most staff do things the way they feel is the easiest, due to the high level of burnout in caring for people who on the whole, do not improve much. This apathy is interpreted as lack of care by the casual observer. But at least the patients were clean, had food and clothes, good medical and dental care and a roof over their head. They had someone to remember their birthday, to celebrate christmas with and to talk to if they wanted. OK, they didn’t have their freedom, which they resented, but they had what was regarded as good if not paternalistic care.
    Now they have their freedom but at a price. I work in a public acute system and see what appalling care they get now. Homeless, off their faces on substances, filthy, hungry,
    begging for a bed. They might get a bed for a few days, discharged to a GP who dosn’t know them or give a hoot, lapse off their medication and relapse. And the kids who were in Wilson, well, they are referred to a service who has no time for “conduct disorders” as they are now called, and they are sent on their way to become dysfunctional adults.

    I am sure there were kids in Wilson who did not need to be there, as there were in Wolston Park. And the conditions in both places were not what we would want in a decent society. But that was the status quo in those days, right or wrong. It is unfair to depict the workers in those days as monsters – most of us were doing the best they could with what they had. Father Dethlefs, take a look at what goes on in mental health systems nowadays. The past is over, and despite of the victims of yester -year, the worst is yet to come.

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