5 responses to “One-way ticket”

  1. Yes Steve, those were very bad years as you would know. Not one of us deserved the treatment we got, and the lives we have been left with. I also had a brother there as well from 1961- 1965, and also two other brothers in the same hell hole, Robert and Gordon, and they were abused also. But it is amaizing that we are still alive, and sometimes I wonder. Good to see you did something with your life, all the best my friend and take care. Graham.

  2. Well thanks Steve for sharing your response with us.

  3. reading this at 0145am at work.no one can see my tears as ime by my self.

  4. Yes I know the feeling Joseph, I’m almost 60 myself and still fighting for justice today.

  5. I have just read this and the tears rolled down my face as this story or should i say poem written so well. is just like what happened to me in the those boys home in the 60s.
    i have so much to say about them but only those who were there will understand as now grow older into my 50s

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