2 responses to “Bush toys”

  1. Lisa Hill

    Thank you for the mention:)
    I wonder, can you use the blog to put up some bigger pictures of bush toys with simple captions and info pitched at little kids (maybe with audio, for weaker readers?) – and background info for teachers below?
    As I said in my review the images in Haagen’s book are too small to use with children and not very time-friendly for busy teachers either. When I’ve chatted about it with our staff they’ve been fascinated, but reading a comprehensive book like this is another matter.
    But the information is worth its weight in gold. Our Preps (Foundation) units also refer to bush toys in passing, though obviously not to the same extent as Year 2. (We try to include the ATSI H&C priority in all our units whenever we can).
    A kid-friendly blog post that we could screen onto a SmartBoard would be so useful!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Lisa,
      Glad you enjoyed this post! Marie-Ann has posted two more blogs (here and here) that further explore bush toys. Whilst these are aimed primarily at teachers, there are some great images to display on a smart board in class. I would also recommend checking out Australian Screen Online for excerpts of a fantastic documentary called Bush Toys that may be of interest.