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  1. Melinda Lewis

    Thanks V
    Feeling more “then” as I told the kids about my groovy jade coloured walkman and my fleuro pink/purple Swatch watch (that cost $70 in 1988 – Duty Free!). Certainly the cost of being groovy and having access to leisure toys and accessories are more affordable today?
    I like your comments regarding inquiry learning and group situations – a true social constructivist. Apart from the blog, do visitors of Then and Now continue/engage in a virtual/digital space after their visit?
    Cheers, Mel

  2. Veronika Mihalj

    Hi Melinda

    I might be more stuck in ‘Then’ than ‘Now’myself as I still have a fleuro pink Swatch Watch, groovy? Who knows, if I asked a 12 year old, probably NOT.

    The ‘Then & Now’ program is for P-4 students. We encourage teachers to follow up our programs with educational resources we have online. Check out the huge amount of resources we have, it is an incredible amount of work. Our camera programs ‘Creating a Nation’; ‘Migration Stories’;'Our Australian Environment’ and’Living Culture’ we download the photos students take of objects in the gallery and put them on the site ‘Picasa’ so that teachers can access the images back at school.
    There is a lot of work happening around ‘Digital History’ at the NMA, that may of be interest to you with your PHD work.
    Thanks Mel

  3. mobile payments

    I first went to the museum in 1998 as part of a Uni of Queensland trip. Was pretty impressive then. Will have to come and have another look at it soon. By the way that link “Then & Now” seems to be broken.

  4. Cath

    Link fixed now; thanks for letting us know.