8 responses to “Dead Man’s Penny”

  1. John

    Would you know the value of one of these medals? and do you know if any gold ones were produced?

    1. Jess

      Thanks for your questions John. From the research I undertook the Dead Man’s Pennies were made from bronze. One source stated they were made from brass, but there was no reference to a gold Dead Man’s Penny. In regards to the value of a Dead Man’s Penny, we have not had our medallions valued in recent times, so I am not sure.

  2. Anthony R FLAVELL

    Hi ,We have been going through old photo’s etc and one of the things that we had left from my grandfather was a dead man’s penny inscripted with the name of William John Scully. My grand father s name was Lenard Goodsell.Can you help with any feed back as to this or where I can do more research.Thanks for your time.Regards Anthony Flavell

  3. Cath

    Hi Anthony,
    I don’t know if this helps – and maybe you’ve seen it, but William John Scully’s WWI service record confirms that he died in the war (you can tell that instantly by the big ‘D’ on the first page of the record), and lists his NOK as his sister Elizabeth.

    I suppose it’s reasonable to assume that your grandfather Lenard knew William. I can’t see a Lenard Goodsell in the WWI service records but there is an Ernest Leonard Goodsell and if you read the letters from his Dad – and his own statement – it seems he was called Lenard.

    Is Ernest Leonard your grandfather Lenard?

  4. thomas white

    Thanks for giving this infrmation but i want something more about it please give more information if you can.

  5. Jess

    Hi Thomas,
    The Western Front Association website is a good starting point for further information. Additionally, the Australian War Memorial have a copy of a commemorative letter sent with the Dead Man’s Penny on their website.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Chiara Griffiths

    Hello i am 13 years old and i am doind an assignment for my history class and i was going to bring in my great grandfathers ‘Dead Mans Penny’ unfortunatally i coulndt find it so i really need help with some details. Reguards Chiara Griffiths

  7. kyra

    hi there,

    i’m from holland (my mom was british) she died and so did my grandmother she left the same penny u ar talking about everything is compleet with the letter from buckinham palace til the cd look a like case

    i think it belonged to my great grand father the number that stands next to the back leg from the lion was number 74 and the initials are eoc i see u guys knw more of this than i do so maybe you can tell me more about it what the letters mean the name on the plaque is ernest john stockwell

    dont know what date he died but i’m sure interested!

    thanks ennyways..

    greetings from holland!