Queue jumpers or legitimate refugees?

Queue jumpers or legitimate refugees?

1st prize, Years 10–12

Cairo Modoo-Loy, Year 10, Darwin High School, Darwin, Northern Territory

Judge’s comments: It may be an old cartooning cliche, putting the words from modern refugee debates in the mouths of those watching the arrival of the First Fleet boat people in 1788, but it remains a powerful way of inviting the reader to question modern political slogans and labels. A friendly and engaging ‘cartoony’ style, simply and cleanly drawn.

2 responses to “Queue jumpers or legitimate refugees?”

  1. Megan Davies

    These are fantastic political cartoons expressing ideas and appealing persuasively to the viewer. Well done to the students involved. I would love to show these to my Year 9 students as part of our work on analysing persuasive texts. Is there a way I can get approval to do this?

    Kind Regards

    Megan Davies