What does our Conservation team think: conservation not restoration

Below you can see four additional petrol caps are used to illustrate the type of effect you would get from each treatment. Continue reading

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Here is a challenge for you: Conservation not restoration

When conservators are treating objects, including large technology objects, they aim to preserve as much of the original as possible. This is different from the approach of restoration, which might replace original materials, for instance paint surfaces, and would aim to make the object look brand new. In the past, this has been the approach of car restorers.

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Royal Daimler returns to Mitchell

Our large technology conservation team, led by Ainslie Greiner, is delighted with the positive visitor response to the Museum Workshop: the art, science and craft of the conservator exhibition. Continue reading

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Seventy years in one family

We had news from another distant relation last week, when the owner of a beautiful 1934 Humber Pullman got in touch after coming across this blog. Continue reading

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Last days in Museum Workshop

Since the body was lifted off the chassis on 18th November, the conservators have been busy. The engine and transmission have been removed and the engine dismantled. Conservators knew there was a problem with the crankshaft, but  have been delighted to find that most of the engine looks to be in good condition and can be reused.  At this stage we are hoping that there will be no need to dismantle the transmission.  The brakes and the chassis are also in good condition. 

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Uncle Elmer bought the Queen’s car

 I recieved this interesting story from a Project donor this week.  I wonder which of the Queen’s cars he sat in?  Continue reading

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Wiring diagrams

The Victorian Daimler Owners Club kindly sent some wiring diagrams for the DE 36 landaulette. These will help our conservators immensely when they start  work on the electrics of the vehicle.   Continue reading

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Another milestone for the Royal Daimler Project

Our web team have added some wonderful photos of the Royal Daimler “lift” to the Museum Workshop exhibition website.

On the 18th November the conservation team seperated the body of the vehicle from its chassis in front of a packed gallery.

Lots of photos and details at http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/museum_workshop/large_technology_lab/daimler_lift_and_tour


Conservators at work with special guests looking on

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A long-lost relative


Last week, we were able to complete another small piece of the Daimler history puzzle… Continue reading

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Thank you

What a delightful way to finish the week with a $2,000 donation recieved, bringing our overall total to $11,036.50. Thank you so much to all of our supporters for helping make the Royal Daimler fit for a queen again.

Become a Royal Daimler Conservation Partner by donating $100 or more and receive exclusive updates and invitations.

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