New Year, New Conservator, Forward Planning

Nathan Pharaoh, Large Technology Conservator and Prue Castles, Senior Objects Conservator examining damaged areas of paint on the Daimler body

Happy New Year.

Work is continuing on the Royal Daimler and we are hoping to provide more updates in the coming weeks. We have made progress with the engine and more detailed planning for work on the body is gearing up.

But first, an update on our team. We are delighted to announce that we have a new conservator heading up our Technology area. Nathan Pharaoh started work at the Museum on 2nd February. He is working closely with our engineering contractors Ian Stewart and Ken Houlahan who are currently focussed on the engine and commencing more indepth investigation on the wiring in the body of the car. Nathan is also meeting with the the Museum’s senior Objects and Textiles conservators to plan the work on the Daimler body. So moving into this year we will have an expanded team working on the Daimler.

Please keep visiting our blog to see what is planned, what we have achieved and to keep up to date with the dilemmas we face and decisions we make in the project.

Thanks also to those people who continue to contribute to the project – financial contributions, advice and thoughts and your interest and support, all gratefully received.

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