Museum Workshop exhibition opens

We are excited to announce Museum Workshop has opened to over 2000 visitors in the first weekend.

The following are pictures of our Royal Daimler arriving and being pushed into position in the exhibition space.

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  1. Ian Cramer says:

    We brought the Daimler in on a covered tilt-tray truck and winched it off. The covered tray meant that the move was independent of the weather. It was really easy to move into the exhibition space because unlike other vehicles that may have frozen drivetrains, the Daimler’s wheels and tyres still turn and it can be pushed into position. It may not look it, but the Daimler is very solid and required four of us to move it – luckily it’s displayed at floor level so we didn’t have to push it up an incline. Ian Cramer, Locations Team, Registration

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