Curatorial research fellowship series

Curators at the National Museum of Australia are offered and selected for a six-month fellowship in the Research Centre. This allows them to focus on a particular area of interest in the National Historical Collection.


Joy flights, feats and disasters: A journey through 1920s and 1930s aviation in the National Historical Collection

Jennifer Wilson, National Museum of Australia with introduction by Kirsten Wehner

Curatorial research fellowship series, 18 July 2013

Curator Jennifer Wilson shares the stories of some rarely-seen aviation objects, from plane parts to photos, to illustrate the realities and romanticism of the foundation-era of Australian aviation.


adventure, aviation, journeys


The Human Motor: Sir Hubert Opperman and endurance cycling in Australia

Daniel Oakman and Kirsten Wehner, National Museum of Australia

Curatorial research fellowship series, 21 March 2013

Hubert Opperman (1904-1996), or ‘Oppy’ as he was known, was one of the greatest cyclists of his time. Curator Daniel Oakman reflects on why Opperman became a national hero and how his cycling feats transformed popular understandings of human endurance.


adventure, sport

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