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Ocean crossings: the material traces of voyaging

Kylie Moloney, Melanie Van Olffen and Matthew Spriggs

Vaka Moana series, 26 August 2009

Contemporary perspectives on Pacific Islander voyaging, investigating archaeological evidence and museum displays from Pacific scholars Kylie Moloney, Melanie Van Olffen and Matthew Spriggs.


archaeology, exhibition, journeys, pacific


In coral seas: ships, cargo and people in the South Pacific 1930 to 1960

Jonathan Ritchie, Deakin Unversity

Vaka Moana series, 22 July 2009

The history of trade, shipping, tourism and migration between the Pacific islands and Australia is explored by historian Jonathan Ritchie as part of Voyages of the Pacific Ancestors: Vaka Moana exhibition.


indigenous, journeys, migration, pacific


Research in free-choice learning

Dr Lynn Dierking and Dr John Falk

9 July 2009

Museum evaluation and learning theory experts Lynn Dierking and John Falk share insights from two current research projects in free-choice learning in museums, at this seminar for museum and gallery professionals.


audiences, exhibition, museums


Robe is not famous for robes

Jennifer Wilson, National Museum of Australia

Behind the Scenes – Landmarks series, 8 July 2009

Curator Jennifer Wilson talks about her research into the fishing port of Robe in South Australia in the late nineteenth century, as an example of a place where people endeavoured to create a just society with equality of opportunity and participation.


exhibition, industry


Investigation into the collections of Dr Herbert Basedow

David Kaus, National Museum of Australia

2 July 2009

National Museum Friends Foundation Fellow David Kaus outlines his research into Aboriginal artefacts and natural history specimens collected by Herbert Basedow between 1903 and 1928 and now held in institutions across Australia.


collection, indigenous


Tattoos, lashing, house and canoe building

Siosiua FP Tofua'ipangai

Vaka Moana series, 16 June 2009

Siosiua FP Tofua’ipangai, also know as Lafitani, examines significant Tongan cultural practices, discussing the techniques of tattoos, lashing, house and canoe building over time.


art, pacific


Stories of sadness and loss

Laina Hall, Peter Lane and Susannah Helman

Behind the Scenes – Australian Journeys series, 13 June 2009

Collector Peter Lane and curators Laina Hall and Susannah Helman discuss three stories from the Australian Journeys gallery: the emotional drama of convict tokens, Alexander Mussen’s redemption on the goldfields and Muriel McPhee’s secret trousseau.


collection, conflict, crime, gold, journeys, migration


Violent ends: the arts of environmental anxiety

Professor Deborah Bird Rose, William Fox, Professor Tom Griffiths, Roger Hillman, Mandy Martin, Kate Rigby, Dr Libby Robin, Professor Will Steffen, Dr Carolyn Strange, Thom Van Dooren

11 June 2009

Fears around global warming are explored through different mediums by a group of artists, poets, dancers, singers, scientists, film makers, historians, creative writers and cultural theorists.


art, environment, science


The ‘spirit of inquiry’ in Port Macquarie

Roslyn Russell, National Museum of Australia

Behind the Scenes – Landmarks series, 10 June 2009

Curator and historian Roslyn Russell talks about the work of amateur scientists, including astronomer WJ Macdonnell, in the New South Wales coastal town of Port Macquarie, as part of her research for the Creating a Country gallery.


exhibition, exploration, place, science


Heavens above!

Vince Ford, Hermann Wehner and Dr Kirsten Wehner

Behind the Scenes – Landmarks series, 30 May 2009

The National Museum’s rare 1883 Grubb refractor telescope, used in early Australian astronomical observing programs and returned to working condition, is discussed by curator Kirsten Wehner, astronomer Vince Ford and astronomical engineer Hermann Wehner.


collection, exploration, science

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