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Off the walls: Art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Agencies 1967-2005: Exhibition launch

Andrew Sayers, Paul House and Peter Yu

27 October 2011

Peter Yu opens Off the Walls: Art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Agencies 1967–2005, an exhibition about Indigenous art and the politics and history of a time of great change in Indigenous affairs.

art, collection, indigenous


Landmarks: behind the scenes with conservators

Ainslie Greiner, Carmela Mollica, Nicki Smith and Daniel Oakman

Behind the Scenes – Landmarks series, 20 October 2011

Following a background to the Landmarks gallery by Daniel Oakman, three of the Museum’s conservators shared the techniques and process used to prepare, treat and install the Kenya station windmill, one of the Springfield dresses, and Phar Lap’s heart.


conservation, exhibition


Contemporary Chinese art

Fan Di'an, Director, National Art Museum of China

30 September 2011

Fan Di’an, a leading figure in Chinese contemporary art, provided an introduction to the A New Horizon exhibition and discussed Chinese art over the past 60 years, including significant artists and movements.

art, culture


Exhibition launch: A New Horizon: Contemporary Chinese Art

Fan Di'an, Chen Yuming, Dennis Richardson and Andrew Sayers

29 September 2011

Fan Di’an, Director of the National Art Museum of China, Chen Yuming, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China and Dennis Richardson, Secretary to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, open the exhibition that examines Chinese art since 1949.


art, culture


Exhibition launch: Bipotaim: Stories from the Torres Strait

Pedro Stephen, Agnes Shea, Alisa Duff and Andrew Sayers

13 September 2011

Pedro Stephen, mayor of the Torres Shire Council, opens the exhibition of photographs by David Callow complemented by objects from the National Museum’s collections that share stories about the lives, culture and identity of Torres Strait Islanders.


culture, indigenous, photography


Life inside Westbrook Children’s Home, from the perspective of a survivor

Alfred Fletcher and Adele Chynoweth

Inside: Life in Children’s Homes series, 1 September 2011

Al Fletcher discusses with Adele Chynoweth his experiences at Westbrook as told to Cheryl Jorgensen in Brutal: surviving Westbrook Boys Home. His story is one of many that will be included in the upcoming exhibition Inside: Life in Children’s Homes.


children, memory


In Memory of Malawan presented by Ian Dunlop

Ian Dunlop, Pip Deveson and Dr Peter Thorley

5 August 2011

Following a screening of In Memory of Malawan, film-makers Ian Dunlop and Pip Deveson discuss the filming of the rituals for the funeral of Aboriginal clan leader Malawan over a two-week period in the early 1970s.


ceremony, indigenous


How ethical is Australia?

Peter Singer

Platform Conversations, 15 July 2011

Peter Singer is Australia’s best-known philosopher. Once labelled the most dangerous man on the planet, in this lecture facilitated by Jenny Brockie, he examines how well Australia is performing as a global citizen.


environment, ethics, philosophy, politics


Constitutional recognition – so what?

Mal Brough, Professor Garth Nettheim and Alison Page

Platform Conversations, 8 July 2011

The inaugural Platform Conversations event was a provocative panel discussion facilitated by David Speers debating whether recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian Constitution will make a meaningful difference to Indigenous peoples’ lives.


indigenous, politics


The Identity Game or How Irish is Australia?

Shane Carmody, State Library of Victoria

Not Just Ned: Irish in Australia series, 2 July 2011

Shane begins by singing lyrics about Ned Kelly written to the The Patriot Game that he wrote for the centenary of the Ned Kelly’s execution in which he drew a connection between that event, Armistice Day and the dismissal of the Whitlam government.


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