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The cultural riches of ancient south-east Australia

Archaeologist Dr Josephine Flood

Canberra Archaeological Society, 15 March 2017

Human occupation, artefacts, plants and animals including bogong moths in a history of archaeological excavations in the south-eastern highlands of the ACT and NSW, from Cloggs Cave, to Birrigai and Bogong Cave.

archaeology, environment, history



Women’s Defining Moments in Australian History

Writer, broadcaster and social commentator Jane Caro; journalist, broadcaster and author Julia Baird; historian Michelle Arrow; and lawyer and constitutional reform expert Shireen Morris; with ABC RN presenter Paul Barclay

Defining Moments in Australian History, 26 August 2017

What role have women played in defining Australian culture and identity? Are we progressing as a nation or are there still areas for improvement in closing the gender gap? Recorded as part of the Canberra Writers Festival.

culture, history, media, women


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