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Recent programs


Creating and curating Songlines

Dr Margo Neale, Indigenous Advisor to the Director, National Museum of Australia

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters, 27 October 2017

Lead curator Margo Neale on the fascinating story of how the exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters came into being, over a period of more than five years.

culture, exhibition, indigenous


Fall of Singapore session one: Museums and memory

National Museum of Australia Director Dr Mathew Trinca, historian Professor Joan Beaumont, National Museum of Singapore curator Priscilla Chua and historian Professor Frank Bongiorno

Fall of Singapore symposium, 30 October 2017

Mat Trinca on ‘The partnership between the National Museum of Singapore and the National Museum of Australia’, Joan Beaumont on ‘From ‘inexecusable betrayal’ to Changi; Australian memories of the fall of Singapore, Priscilla Chua on ‘Remembering the fall of Singapore at the National Museum of Singapore: The museum as mediator’, Frank Bongiorno on ‘An Australia of the spirit: The fall of Singapore and Australian nationalism’

history, military, museums

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